AHA Conference – LGBT Council Meeting with Jason Frye Kolarik

Jason Frye Kolarik gave an energetic and spirited account of the struggle for LGBT rights and its relationship to Humanism in the morning of the first day of the AHA Annual Conference. Jason reminded us, with countless examples, that the LGBT Movement’s march to equality is not yet over, and that many grotesque inequalities still remain. Humanists, with their positive, naturalistic worldview, have been long-time allies of LGBT Rights, and the LGBT Council of the AHA that Jason is spearheading is hoping to demonstrate this more fully and actively.

Through a focus on building community, activism over specific issues (like the provision of Proms which respect the equal rights of LGBT people), and education, Jason revealed how the LGBT Council hopes to promote LGBT issues within the Humanist Movement, while making the presence of Humanism felt amongst the LGBT movement. Since the AHA has been a staunch support of equality for decades, it seems to me that this is a natural and positive partnership, which Jason made clear today. And my experience of coming out on a Humanist service trip to New Orleans has shown me, in the deepest possible way, how nonjudgmental, open and welcoming communities can make a positive difference in the lives of LGBT Humanists. For these reasons I’m excited by the LGBT Council, and look forward to getting more involved in the future.


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